Wednesday, January 16, 2008

wool coats

I've been working a lot of long hours recently. So much that I think I'm a little depressed because it's dark when I go in to work and dark when I leave. I work in one of the biggest office buildings in the city. It's pretty much in the heart of downtown. There are a lot of law firms, accounting firms, financial planners, marketing firms, etc. I walk about half a city block to get to and from my parking garage each day, along with countless other professionals. As I walk I look around at all the other people walking to and from work. We all walk in silence; no one smiling or making chit chat. Most of the women are in dresses or pant suits and heels and the men are in suits and ties. But most of us have one thing in common.......our black wool dress coats. Yeah sure some of them are short others are long but we are all wearing them. In fact a couple of days ago the sight of all the wool dress coats made me laugh out loud.......we look like black wool cattle!

It got me this what life is all about? We all drag ourselves into our jobs/careers, do our time and rush home to our families to do homework, dinner, baths, etc.....and then finally collapse into a brief sleep until we get up and do it all over again. As a child I had passion for life.....I wanted to make a difference. Now I just want to make it to the weekend. I like my job, it's very demanding and I hate that I spend more time away from the kids but overall it's a good job. But I don't feel that passion for what I I ask, is the passion and excitement of my youth lost? I want to feel that inspiration, that love for what I do.......maybe some day I will find those feelings again. Until then I adorn my wool coat and continue on this rat race of life.

Many hugs and love,