Sunday, June 06, 2010

momma and my boys

things that annoy me

Normally i'm a positive person.....i have a lot to be thankful for but somedays i just get annoyed!!!!

* people who hold their dogs while they drive - i'm a dog lover too, but that's just NOT safe!

* drive thru workers who don't speak, just hand out my "have a good day" or "thank you".

* people who choose to sit directly in front of me at the movies when there are tons of other seats - ok if i wasn't a shortie this might not bother me as

* having hundreds of channels on cable but i still can't find anything to watch!

* the fact that i can never seem to get ahead....always living paycheck to paycheck.

* running out of paper @ the printer or copier @ work.

* men/guys who check out other women/girls while they are with their wives/girlfriends - this annoyance is worse if said wife/girlfriend is pregnant.

ok, rant over!!!!!