Monday, December 04, 2006

More Random Pics

These are pics I sent to Mindtwister taken with my camera phone (the new phones have options to change to black and white or sephia and I am digging it)......the first one I like to call "crazy eyes" cause I look a little

This is sad and depressed Brandy.......I even got a little pout going on.....LMAO!

This is me being not me....hee MT a kiss over the text messaging.....OMG.....we are geeks!

MT is always talking about how much he loves my eyes so I took this's a little close up but kinda artsy funky.

Well I hope y'all have a wondermus day! Love and Hugs!


Random Pics

Thanks giving pics.....table setting. We usually don't set the table fancy cause we have so many people over but this year I wanted to have an excuse to use my

Mindtwister at the Gary Allan concert......for some reason he believes that he is smiling in this