Tuesday, November 11, 2008


So much has happened since my last blog entry..........too much to squeeze into one post. There has been one thing that happened that has effected me more that anything else.........the death of my aunt. She was sick for over 8 months.....she fought so hard and suffered so much. To say that I will miss her is an understatement! She was one of the strongest, funniest and most fun people I've ever been around. She had a light about her that didn't dim even in the end. Her smile and laugh would fill your heart.

She was more than my aunt.......she was one of my closest friends. We had so many good times and were there for each other through the tough times. I know that she's in a better place and no longer suffering and for that I'm grateful but the selfish part of me is sad.........I miss her......I will ALWAYS miss her. The world will be a much different place without her voice but heaven is a brighter place with the addition of our Angel. I love you Kath......you will not be forgotten.