Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Scoop on Brandy aka Redneck Girl

Okay well as you all know, I took a "break" from Blogging and during that time a lot has happened. First off let me say that I didn't really want to stop blogging but felt I HAD to do it, to keep the peace in my own personal war.

Since leaving the blogger community my divorce became final. Hearing that was a bitter-sweet feeling; in one way I was so relieved that it was finally over and I could move on with my life but I was saddened because it signified an end of an era of my life. My Ex and I had been together since we were kids and it's hard not to feel the pain of losing that connection. But with the help of my children, mindtwister and my friends I got through it without too many scars.

I lost my health insurance when the divorce became final so I had to find another job. I found a job as a Legal Assistant for a Defense Litigation Firm in town, I work for the managing partner. I like my job but it is demanding and stressful and often I am reminded why I left Legal. But I knew that most of my experience and my degree was in Legal so that was my best option. The hardest part is having to be away from my kids more. I feel bad but unfortunately this is what I have to do to make ends meet.

I haven't' been working as much at the Pizza place, mostly because I want to spend that time with my kids. In addition, it's getting more and more difficult for me to work such a physical job. That brings me to the medical issue I had some time ago. Before I started my new job I was working two part time jobs. One day while working at the Pizza place I starting having pain in my hands and wrists. I looked down and my hands had turned blue, as if I were a smurf or REALLY cold. It freaked me out a little and my co-workers wanted me to go to the ER but I am really hard headed and continued to work. This happened two or three more times before I finally went to the doctor. I underwent several test (some of them hurt like h*ll) and it was decided that they weren't sure what was wrong with me. Probably a rheumatological problem but it hasn't happened in a few months so I am praying that it was a temporary issue.

Mindtwister and I have been officially dating for almost a year. He has such patience and is an amazing man! I am so lucky to have him in my life. I don't know if I could have made it through the last couple of years without his support. He is my friend, my lover, my soul mate.......he makes me smile and laugh so much that I blame him for my newly found smile lines. Plus my kids absolutely adore him and he loves them so much!

Often I've wondered why things happen the way they do but I'm finally realizing that God has his plan and sometimes we might not agree with it or understand it fully but it's best just to put it in his hands.

I have missed each and every one of you! I have thought of you all so much and wondered how you and your families were doing. I'm so glad to be back and can't wait to read your blogs each day!

Love and Hugs,

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Just when you think you've heard it all......."Don't make me spin up on you like Taz"

Sometimes I feel inadequate as a parent. I know that I do a pretty good job but every once in a while I'll say "I should have done this or that" but the other day I saw and heard a parent that made me feel like Mother of the Year.

Mindtwister and I were having dinner at a local pizza place. There was a birthday party on the other side of the restaurant, looked like nice people, they were dressed well, clean and neat. The kids looked to be between 11-13 and were really well behaved (in my opinion). One of the boys got up to use the restroom and on his way back stopped to look at something. His mother screams at the top of her lungs for him to get his little Mother F'n A** back over there. Wow.....just wow...I thought I'd misheard, she couldn't have said that but that's what she said cause she repeated it once more before he made his way to his chair.

The adults at the party were talking and the kids were in their seats talking amongst themselves. Suddenly one of the mom's burst out with "shut your mouths, I don't want to hear you". The kids got quiet and ate. After they were finished eating they starting talking and laughing (not being loud or disruptive). Again the loud mother roars "Shut up, don't make me tell you again" followed up by another mother saying "I'm not going to tell you again". The kids sat in silence until the same boy that went to the rest room spoke to some one across the table, his mother gets up and looks at him and says "Don't make me spin up on you like Taz, cause none of you can whoop me".

Mindtwister and I look at one another in disbelief did she just threaten to turn into a cartoon character and whip her child? Again...WOW....where did she learn this technique of parenting? I mean the kids were at a party but were expected to sit in silence, what is that? They were in no way being disrespectful or loud. I felt really bad for those kids; what their daily life must be like......scary.

So, looking at the brighter side, as we left the pizza place and I had a renewed sense of my parenting skills. Also, Mindtwister and I had learned a new phrase "Don't make me spin up on you like Taz".